30 September 2013


This cheerful little cactus is one of three that now live on a sunny windowsill in my home. It was worth fiddling around to pot it because just looking at it makes me smile. Happy.

25 September 2013


Simple things often please me the most. I'm glad I photographed this, because most of the pink petals quickly detached from the stems soon after.

How sweet are the delicate shades of mauve in this pansy? Simple, unadorned beauty.

24 September 2013

Textiles Tuesday

This week's textiles links:

* Dare to Differ exhibition - South Australia.

* A new fabric collection by Sarah Fielke - Millefiori, exclusive to Spotlight. In store from October.

 * Handy! Fabric collections from Connecting Threads ready for download into EQ7.

* Opportunity to be an artist-in-residence in 2014 at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne, VIC.

* 28 & 29 September: Egyptian Tentmakers in Canberra, ACT.

* Enjoy looking through the gallery of work by Carol Larson. 

22 September 2013

The morning after

The perfect craft for a Sunday morning. My first finished coiled vessel. Happy, happy.

21 September 2013

Saturday morning

What a lovely way to start the weekend! This morning I was fortunate to meet Lisa Tilse from the red thread. See - here's proof!

Lisa was teaching a workshop at the snazzy new Freedom Furniture store at Castle Hill. (It's a beauty - the settings and arrangement of furniture and accessories encourages you to linger - I did). 

Back to the workshop. Lisa was teaching us how to make coiled vessels like these. Aren't they great? Lisa made them using coloured raffia to make the stitches, but we could use any sort of yarn to get started.

 So, this is how mine started. Interesting multi-coloured yarn over calico.

By the end of the session, this is how far I had progressed with my small bowl. Very happy with that.

If you have the chance to take a workshop with Lisa, do! But if you are yearning to make your own vessels right now, go straight to Lisa's step-by-step tutorial to get started. It shows you everything you need to know.

I hope you enjoy making your own coiled vessels. I have plenty of ideas for future pieces, so thanks Lisa and Freedom Furniture for the fab opportunity.

19 September 2013

The block

Thanks for the all the interest in the blocks I showed here. I've had several enquiries about the block, so here are the details:

The block is called Midsummer Night, a Nancy Cabot block from Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. If you have the BlockBase software library of blocks, it is block 3070.

Gorgeous, isn't it? I've been wanting to make a quilt with this block for years. I plan to write a pattern for it after I have finished my quilt, but I am hand-piecing so will be some time yet.

18 September 2013


This week, I've cut into my precious blue Liberty fabrics for the first time. They were in my look-but-don't-cut pile for so long! It was only after I realised they are perfect for my current quilt project that I took to them with my rotary cutter. So lovely.

17 September 2013

Textiles Tuesday

This week's links!

* What a great idea. The Prayer Flag Project -a collective project spreading peace, good will and kindness, one flag at a time.

* Want to learn lino cutting techniques? Here's an opportunity to learn from Dijanne Cevaal in her next online class. 

Interesting article by Anne Kelly about different ways of hanging textile art.

* Enjoy images from the print-making gallery of Queensland textile artist Dorothy Haig.

* Very interesting report from Dena Crain about her brief survey of patchwork quilters from several online venues. Please share with your friends and discuss. 

* Pantone's spring colours for 2014 (that would be northern hemisphere, I'm assuming). 

* Do you like Flying Geese blocks? Here are some ideas for using them in your next quilt.

14 September 2013

Every little thing

Today's discovery: the snow pea seeds have sprouted! Love the circle of these healthy little plants.

11 September 2013

That spring feeling

It's calmed down now, but yesterday we had horrible weather in Sydney - classic bushfire conditions, hot with strong, dry north-westerlies and low humidity. There were fires burning on the city's outskirts - and this is only September. Bushfire season always scares me even though they are no threat to me. If we ever had bushfires here, it would mean armageddon had arrived!

So, I kept the wind and heat out of the house and started sewing. Soothes me every time. Pennie took this photo of a couple of my blocks last week at our day at the pub. I have since made half a dozen more. My spring quilt!


10 September 2013

Textiles Tuesday

Here's this week's interesting information!


* It's not too late to join the Marcelle Medallion Quilt-Along on Penny Poppleton's blog. The Marcelle Medallion pattern is from Alexia Abegg's lovely book, Liberty Love.

* An interview with Canadian felt designer, Jessica deHaas.

* Hand dyeing the Kathleen Probst way.



08 September 2013

Spring planting

It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Simple acts, like planting my spring vegetable bed, soothe me.

This morning's discovery was that my cucumber seeds have sprouted. Yay!

03 September 2013

Textiles Tuesday

* First, a local quilt show on this coming weekend: 
6-7 September: Epping Quilters 30th Anniversary Show, Don Moore Community Centre, North Rocks Road, Carlingford NSW. Hours: Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm.

* Interview and demonstration of stitching using water soluble fabric with Meredith Woolnough.

* Glenys Mann has started a new website: Conversations with the Makers, where she has interviews with fibre and textile artists.

* Watch Luana Rubin's two-part video tour of art quilts at last month's Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK. Part 1, part 2.

* Quilt storage ideas from Craftsy.

* A great opportunity to win a free commissioned childhood portrait by Ruth de Vos.

* Don't waste leftover strips of fabric. See this video from Quiltmaker's Block Network to see how to string piece them to make fab quilt blocks instead! (Check out the other useful videos while you are there, too.)

01 September 2013

Hello spring

Lovely to see you - we've been waiting since last year!

I've been happily pottering in my garden these last few weekends; weeding a little, pruning a little and planning a lot! I'm building a new veggie plot now and should be able to start planting into it later this week. The whole process is wonderfully satisfying and replenishes my spirit.
Do you like nurturing new growth, too?