11 September 2013

That spring feeling

It's calmed down now, but yesterday we had horrible weather in Sydney - classic bushfire conditions, hot with strong, dry north-westerlies and low humidity. There were fires burning on the city's outskirts - and this is only September. Bushfire season always scares me even though they are no threat to me. If we ever had bushfires here, it would mean armageddon had arrived!

So, I kept the wind and heat out of the house and started sewing. Soothes me every time. Pennie took this photo of a couple of my blocks last week at our day at the pub. I have since made half a dozen more. My spring quilt!



  1. I love that pattern and the fabrics you have used. So calming. Did you make the pattern up or can I buy it? Just lovely.

  2. Thank you carolyndawn!

    The block is called Midsummer Night, a Nancy Cabot block from Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I've been wanting to make a quilt with it for years and plan to write up a pattern for it after I have finished my quilt.

  3. Thanks Erica. I see you are hand piecing this quilt so it may take a while. Am happy to wait as I must have at least 100 projects to finish, start, and dream about. Am looking forward to seeing this finished.


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