02 October 2013

Orange circles

A couple of weeks ago, I read on The Printed Fabric Bee Facebook page about an exchange of hand-printed fabric between a group of surface design artists. Each month, one person chooses a theme. The first one is orange circles.

I decided that this might be a fun thing to do myself: to create a piece of patterned fabric each month, using The Printed Fabric Bee themes. That way, I would be challenged to creatively use colours and shapes I might not have normally tried.

This is my orange circles piece - I love how it looks!

To create it, I used a piece of fabric that I had previously folded and hand-dyed to make a grid pattern. I overlaid the fabric with one of my glue-gun stencils and used one of my wonderful Derwent Inktense Blocks and water to colour circles.

This is my glue-gun stencil. I made it earlier this year (I wrote an article about my glue-gun stencils in issue 11 of Down Under Textiles magazine) and it was perfect for this purpose. I will put a tutorial about making glue-gun stencils on my blog later.

Now I'm keen to stitch this fabric to make a wholecloth textile work. So exciting! Thank you to The Printed Fabric Bee for the impetus.


  1. Love your circles! So glad you've decided to play along with us. This will be a fun year!

  2. What an interesting process with beautiful results!

  3. I liked your results and the process. I may also follow the Facebook Group as you are doing.

  4. Your fabric is amazing. I'm following along with them too but I probably won't get to each one. Fun to play!
    Diane in NH


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