22 October 2013

Textiles Tuesday

Some links for you to explore:

* Discover the best in contemporary art quilts, painting and mixed media from a group of UK artists: Through Our Hands newsletters.

* Canberra textile artist Beth Miller has a new website. I'd encourage you to browse through her gallery - wonderful!

* Interview with Anne Biss, who often uses ideas from maps when designing her embroideries.

* Arranged by Tracey Greenaway: Springwood Winmalee Bushfire Quilt Appeal 2013.

* Issue 2 of the Sew Liberty magazine is now available. Includes all about this season’s Liberty Art Fabrics collection and meet the creative collaborators.

* See photographs of the winning quilts at the 2013 Queensland Quilt Show.

* New! Esther Aliu has released her latest quilt pattern, Lily Rose. Free for one month only.

* Do you enjoy listening to creative podcasts while you are sewing? Try Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio - they're fun and free! (You don't need to have an ithingy device - just download the appropriate free software to your PC and you can download all the podcasts from iTunes.) 

Don't forget: if you have any great links you think we would enjoy, please leave details in a comment. 


  1. You find such great links. The Springwood Bushfire Quilt appeal is good to know. I'll spread the word when I get more details. I'm a huge fan of Pat Sloans podcasts.

  2. Thank you so much for spreading the word about our Bushfire Quilt Appeal. I am very grateful to you. Thank you!


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