10 October 2013

Thursday in my garden

I love the flowers on this vine so much. Years ago, I bought some seeds to start my own vine, but none of them germinated. Very sad.

I was at a friend's place a couple of years ago and noticed she had the flowers in bloom in her garden. I asked if I could take a cutting but, instead, she laughed and ripped a piece out of the ground for me and said it would grow like a weed. I planted it in my garden and it has never looked back. She was right!

It is the snail vine (Vigna caracalla). I love it because the flowers are so quirky and are the softest blue-mauve colour. It is easy to look after; I just cut off the sections that are growing where I don't want them. This encourages flowering. Isn't it a fun flower?

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  1. I love snail vines too for their quirky flowers. It's great you you were able to get one, and it's all the more special because your friend gave it to you.


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