26 November 2013

Textiles Tuesday

This week's links to entertain you:

* How to make no-trim Flying Geese: a free tutorial from Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color.

* Handy app that turns your tablet or phone into a lightbox. I've used it for template tracing. Also available for iOS devices.

* Published this year, Patchwork Prisoners by Trudy Cowley and Dianne Snowden is a study of the 180 female convicts who were transported to Van Diemen's Land from the United Kingdom in 1841 on the Rajah.

* Opportunity for textile artists in Sydney NSW.

* Interview with quilt artist Velda Newman.  

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  1. Patchwork Prisoners sounds like a fascinating read. Using an Ipad for a lightbox is such a great idea!!


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