02 December 2013

Making life lovely 3

I am growing miniature dahlias this year because they flower prolifically  and are perfect for popping in a tiny vase. Aren't they cheerful little flowers?

I'd love to grow the tall varieties as well but the tubers are not cheap and, to have a worthwhile display, there would need to be quite a few in the garden bed. Perhaps I'll invest and plant a couple at a time?


  1. I love them too. Great as vase flowers as they have a relatively long life in water.
    Only problem with the little ones is that sometimes the stems are very short and bent which can make them difficult to actually place in a vase.
    Love the image - I would do similar myself.

  2. I love Dahlias too for their wonderful colours and big luscious blooms. A few larger varieties planted over time is a great idea.

  3. How lovely they look! I have always been discouraged from growing dahlias after receiving some "encouragement" from an elderly dahlia fancier, many years ago. I'm sure he meant to be helpful but his comments made me put dahlias in the too-cranky-for-my-garden box. He was very keen to give me tubers and instructions, but I could see he would take the inevitable deaths very hard... Perhaps now's the time to try?


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