26 January 2014

A love note to Australia

I know our country is not perfect. It never can be while it consists of people, all of us different. We all have our origins in other parts of the world, even if we have to search back up to 70,000 years ago to find the source. It's inevitable that, as all those different influences rub together, there will be grizzles. Yet, we make it work.

Our current government is trying to undo many of the structures that support our society but governments come and go. This lot won't last long; we just need to wait it out until we can have our say again. That's the joy of democracy - the jostling of opinions. Yet, we make it work.

This land is harsh - we have searing temperatures, droughts, regular bushfires and floods and wild storms. We often see tragedies caused by these events. Yet, we make it work.

Living in Australia is a privilege. Every day, I am thankful that I was born in this country. It's worth remembering that when times seem tough.

I love you Australia, completely and unreservedly. I'm grateful we can celebrate Australia Day together.


  1. Well said Erica! Happy Australia Day to you too!

  2. Bravo! And a happy Australia Day to you, Erica.


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