01 January 2014

On the back

Making labels for the backs of my quilts and other textile pieces is fiddly. I usually do it for quilts but it's so tedious and, by that stage, I've mentally marked that quilt as finished and am keen to move on to my next project. 

This year, I've decided to screen print on the back. I'll still make a 'proper' label for the back of quilts, but everything will be screen printed with my name and the year.

I printed what I wanted on paper and then burned a Gocco screen with the words in two sizes. (I love my Gocco machine - it feeds my need for instant gratification!) This year, I want to make some textile postcards, so I'll need a smaller size font for those.

One swipe of the screen with fabric paint and I have quickly branded my Summer Stars quilt. After it's dry, I pressed with a hot iron to make it permanent. Yay for instant labelling!    

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  1. That is such a great idea!! So quick and easy and effective too.


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