21 January 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Some links to explore:

* Fantastic idea from Mel Forrest - plant tags decorated with beads, ink, paint, wire and fabric and netting scraps.

* New workshop from Brenda Gael Smith: Logs and Ladders: Building with Improvisation.

* Blocking fabric: how to get fabric on grain. Craftsy shows you how.

* Did your ancestors live in Bendigo VIC in the 1890s? Strathdale Quilters are seeking decendants of the signatories on a Heritage Signature Quilt from 1895. The quilt features 270 signatures, including some of Bendigo’s most prominent figures of the time.

* Want to enter a quilt in Houston this year? Here are the competition rules and entry form.

Embroidery stitches booklet from Sew, Mama, Sew. Handy!

* The Bedford Mystery Quilt is on again in 2014! In 2012, quilters across Australian joined forces to raise over $75,000 for the Bedford Group. Please share this with your quilting friends.

* Free guides to some techniques used by textile artist C. June Barnes. Try a new idea! 

* I'm fascinated by maps and have discovered the textile work of Wendy Dolan. Fabulous.

* Judy Coates Perez to teach in Australia in 2014.

I'd  love to hear from you! Please leave a comment if you have enjoyed any of these links.   

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