25 February 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Hello! It's Tuesday again, so that must mean it's time to share crafty links with you again. Before I do, though, I want to say thank you to every person who visits here and especially to those of you who leave comments. It's great to know you pop by!

* Here are a couple of free quilt patterns. This one is from the Fat Quarter Shop - it's simple and would look pretty with any range of print fabric. This one is by Melissa Richie from Robert Kaufman Fabrics and shows off solids.

* Check out these wonderful embroideries by Nancy Nicholson. I love the freedom of the designs.

* Did you like the Sochi Winter Olympics patchwork? Here's a free quilt pattern from Hoffman Fabrics that's based on those designs.

* There's a special offer from Bendigo Woollen Mills on their Harvest range of yarn. There are some great colours available! Ends 10 March.

*  The Fairholme Quilters in Sydney, NSW have a quilt show in April.

* There was  a fantastic response to the Springwood Winmalee Bushfire Quilt Appeal from all around Australia. Read about it here. 

* Calling Australian Quilters: enter the World Quilt Competition 2014. Entries close 14 May. Details here.

* Interview on All Creativelike with fibre artist Lynn Krawczyk.

Organic Intimacy textile exhibition in Melbourne, VIC.

* Do you want to set up a website for your creative work? Textile artist and designer Linda Matthews shows you how to do so with Wordpress.

* Want to take a workshop with the wonderful Caroline Sharkey but can't travel? Here's what you've been waiting for - online workshops

So there's lots for you to explore this week. I hope you find something of interest - please leave a comment if you see something you like (or perhaps there's a link you you'd like to share?).

24 February 2014


Welcome to Monday! Today, I harvested these gorgeous capsicums from my garden.

The ones in front are little - only a couple of inches across - and they are perfect for popping onto a sandwich. They are called 'Mini Mamas' and, until this season, I haven't been able to buy seedlings for years. This season, I will dry some seeds for use later in the year. Yum!

22 February 2014


It's been a difficult week for those of us in Australia who have been confronted by the events on Manus Island. While I have never had any illusions about the potential for political bastardry by our current government, I was still appalled by the total lack of compassion and empathy from those people who are supposed to be our 'leaders'.

It's been reassuring, then, to read these two articles. This one, by a former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, reasons that, "There is a humane, efficient and affordable approach. If only we would try it."

This article by social researcher, Hugh Mackay, explores the immorality of the government's turn-back-the-boats policy. He says, "We are living through a dark period in our cultural history where politicians like Morrison are actively encouraging a dulling of our moral sense by appealing to that most dangerous moral principle of all: "The end justifies the means."

These are real people that are being locked up in detention camps. They have a right to apply for refugee status; they are not illegal (regardless of how many times politicians blather that they are). 

Let's treat these refugees as we would like to be treated ourselves - with respect, compassion and empathy. Simply as one person to another. Surely that's what being human is all about.

18 February 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Yikes - no blog posts since last Tuesday! I've been busy at work, but not so busy that I can't give you this week's creative links to explore.

* Moda has a Spell it with Fabric blog hop. Read about it on Kate Spain's blog post. 

* Avalon Quilt Show, Sydney NSW.

* Here's a tutorial for making fabric covered buttons from lovelui. The fabric she uses is printed with sausage dogs - so cute!

* Instructions for making colourful crocheted and beaded heart-shaped hangings from Sandra at Cherry Heart.

* Interview with quilt artist Karen Tunnell.

* Interview with textile artist Heather Dubreuil.

* Browse the gallery of fabulous batik art by Anne Hanley. 

* Call for entries: The Australian National Brooch Show 2014. Entries close 14 March 2014. 

* Free video from Lisa Walton, showing more ways to print on fabric.

11 February 2014

Textiles Tuesday

This week's links:
* The Springwood Quilt Show (NSW) 2014 raffle quilt has been revealed. It's a beauty!
(Photo courtesy of Chris Jurd and reproduced with permission.)

* Stunning paper art by Helen Musselwhite.

* Jan T shows how to trace a photo using Electric Quilt software.

*Read about the artists whose work has been juried into the Living Colour exhibition.

* Free 'Exploring Monoprint' video from Linda and Laura Kemshall.

* Here's the latest Fibre Arts Australia newsletter.

* Do you have a webpage or blog? If so, you need an 'about' page. Here's some handy advice from Bespoke ezine to help you create a great page.

* 2014 workshop program from ATASDA, QLD.

* Springwood Winmalee Bushfire Quilt Appeal Open Day, 21 March. Visit the Blue Mountains, NSW to see the donated quilts.

08 February 2014

Making life lovely 7

Hello! I'm just popping in on this sunny Saturday with this photo - simple blooms, straight from my garden. A cheerful way to start my day - miniature dahlias and garlic chive flowers. Lovely!

05 February 2014


Sometimes it takes years, but I do eventually finish my quilts. I'm easily distracted by starting new projects so always have many things on the go.

I made this queen-size quilt back in the 1990s but it was only last week that I sewed the binding. I know! 

It's a classic block - Square-in-a-Square - and there are plenty of tutorials on the internet with instructions. Here's a good one by Sherri McConnell on the Craftsy blog to get you started.

Binding has always been my least-favourite part of making a large quilt because I don't enjoy wrangling it through my sewing machine.

I'm trying to focus on looking for a positive in every situation, so this was a great candidate. What would be great about sewing the binding, I asked myself? Duh - obviously the quilt would then be finished and I could use it on my bed!

Another positive was edging it with a striped binding - I do love a stripe!

So, happy outcomes - yay!

04 February 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Here are this week's links:

* Great free pattern for crochet baskets by Joyful Yarns Crochet - perfect for storing yarn.

* See photos of the winning quilts from the Road to California 2014
Quilters' Conference and Showcase.

* Do you use sketchbooks? In this video, Zandra Rhodes tells you why you should.

* 2014 ATASDA NSW workshop program. 

* Five mistakes you’re making with your Etsy shop – and how to fix them from Jess at Create and Thrive.