22 February 2014


It's been a difficult week for those of us in Australia who have been confronted by the events on Manus Island. While I have never had any illusions about the potential for political bastardry by our current government, I was still appalled by the total lack of compassion and empathy from those people who are supposed to be our 'leaders'.

It's been reassuring, then, to read these two articles. This one, by a former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, reasons that, "There is a humane, efficient and affordable approach. If only we would try it."

This article by social researcher, Hugh Mackay, explores the immorality of the government's turn-back-the-boats policy. He says, "We are living through a dark period in our cultural history where politicians like Morrison are actively encouraging a dulling of our moral sense by appealing to that most dangerous moral principle of all: "The end justifies the means."

These are real people that are being locked up in detention camps. They have a right to apply for refugee status; they are not illegal (regardless of how many times politicians blather that they are). 

Let's treat these refugees as we would like to be treated ourselves - with respect, compassion and empathy. Simply as one person to another. Surely that's what being human is all about.


  1. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Thank you for posting this. I'm relieved that there are still people with compassion living in this country. I'm tired of hearing 'they deserve it' or similar BS lately. How can adults, educated people, friends and family, think like this?

    How can our Government spend so much time and money dehumanising these people, and then call themselves Christians in the same breath?

    t. xx

  2. Well said, Erica. And you too, redbootcompany. I am disgusted by those who think this is ok (or worse).

  3. Agree, very well said, Erica. We have been watching with increasing dismay (and horror) and increasing sadness as this whole scenario has unfolded. On top of the treatment of refugees, are we not seeing the appalling long-term cost to ourselves here?

  4. Thank you Erica. Our governments attitude and action is shocking. How can they demonise refugees the way they do. I am so ashamed about their actions, secrecy and the fact that they seem not to be accountable. Racism has reared it's ugly head! It is so frustrating!

  5. I find it disappointing that political views are aired on a crafting site - we are all entitled our views and not always in agreement with various laws Unfortunately not all interviews or stories available to us are unbiased which makes it difficult for us to make informed opinions
    Though one is sympathetic with detention centres aren't we more distressed and concerned with women and children drowning as a result of un-sea worthy boats One can understand people wanting a better life - there is a system in place for accepting refugees, some of whom have been in a waiting in turn for placement

  6. Thanks for all your comments. Eileen, we are all entitled to our opinions so thanks for sharing yours. However, this is my blog and I will continue to post my opinions here. I will understand if you do not wish to read them - that's part of the privilege of living in a democracy.


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