05 February 2014


Sometimes it takes years, but I do eventually finish my quilts. I'm easily distracted by starting new projects so always have many things on the go.

I made this queen-size quilt back in the 1990s but it was only last week that I sewed the binding. I know! 

It's a classic block - Square-in-a-Square - and there are plenty of tutorials on the internet with instructions. Here's a good one by Sherri McConnell on the Craftsy blog to get you started.

Binding has always been my least-favourite part of making a large quilt because I don't enjoy wrangling it through my sewing machine.

I'm trying to focus on looking for a positive in every situation, so this was a great candidate. What would be great about sewing the binding, I asked myself? Duh - obviously the quilt would then be finished and I could use it on my bed!

Another positive was edging it with a striped binding - I do love a stripe!

So, happy outcomes - yay!


  1. It looks like it could have been made yesterday. Lovely!

  2. Congratulations on a great finish!! The fabrics are so fresh and fun , it doesn't look dated at all. I share your love of striped bindings!!


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