18 February 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Yikes - no blog posts since last Tuesday! I've been busy at work, but not so busy that I can't give you this week's creative links to explore.

* Moda has a Spell it with Fabric blog hop. Read about it on Kate Spain's blog post. 

* Avalon Quilt Show, Sydney NSW.

* Here's a tutorial for making fabric covered buttons from lovelui. The fabric she uses is printed with sausage dogs - so cute!

* Instructions for making colourful crocheted and beaded heart-shaped hangings from Sandra at Cherry Heart.

* Interview with quilt artist Karen Tunnell.

* Interview with textile artist Heather Dubreuil.

* Browse the gallery of fabulous batik art by Anne Hanley. 

* Call for entries: The Australian National Brooch Show 2014. Entries close 14 March 2014. 

* Free video from Lisa Walton, showing more ways to print on fabric.

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  1. Thank you Erica; looks like a lovely lot of sites to visit.


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