30 March 2014

After the rain

We've enjoyed wonderful rain at my place over the past week. It hasn't been enough to fully satisfy the trees, but it has done wonders for all my shrubs. The grass has sprung back to life and is a deep green - you can see how much it has relished the moisture.

My garden is recovering from yet another hot and dry summer. Usually we have strings of storms here throughout the summer but that didn't happen this time. There have been two successive summers with multiple days of temperatures over 40 degrees. That's simply too hot for successful vegetable gardening becuase the poor plants get sunburnt!

I've decided I won't be growing veggies in summer next year (except maybe cucumbers). The plants don't thrive, they just focus on staying alive, poor things.

Now the summer's humidity is nearly gone (it usually disappears about the end of March but is still hanging on this year), I've planted some seeds for edible greens. Parsley, coriander, silverbeet, kale and, of course, snow peas. 

Last year's crop (above) was so bountiful that I gave away bags of snow peas and ate them with most meals for weeks. Wonderful, snappy veggies - they are my favourites!

Do you enjoy planting in autumn? Do you have favourites that you recommend? Please leave a comment so I can learn from your experiences.


  1. It has been pretty much the same here, near Melb. everything in the garden is in need of rain. We have had a few days, but the grass is not up yet and the dogs are desperate for every green bit. Usually winter comes very soon after the quilt convention, so perhaps some planting soon! Most definitely bulbs!

  2. Of course - spring bulbs! How could I forget? Thanks for the reminder, Vicki. :-)


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