04 March 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Hello and welcome to everyone who has popped over here from ...And Then We Set It On Fire. My first guest post on that blog will appear tomorrow, when I'll be talking about my fave subject - hand stitching!

Today, though, you'll probably be wanting your weekly fix of links to explore. Here's what I found since last Tuesday.

* Fairholme Quilters, Sydney NSW, have made not one, but two raffle quilts to support their upcoming exhibition on April 4 and 5. Full details on their blog. (Photographs used with permission.)

The Kensington Quilt - designed by Val Nadin.

Marmalade - designed by Elizabeth Hartman.

* Want to learn to knit? Start with Sheep and Stitch. Plenty of how-to information here!

* Do you like lozenge quilt blocks? Here are Bonnie Hunter's free instructions.

* Quilt show in Harvey, WA.

14 quilt-making tutorials from Martingale authors.

* If you organise entries for shows, you'll want to read this post by Brenda Gael Smith where she explains the benefits of online entry forms.

* Here's a comprehensive post by Sarah Ann Smith on photographing quilts.

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  1. Thanks so much Erica. We're already considering using Brenda's ideas for next years springwood quilt show.
    Keep up the great links.


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