05 April 2014


I'm always so pleased when autumn arrives in Sydney. Already, the nights are cooler but the humidity has yet to disappear. Not long now - it usually all blows away around the end of March or beginning of April.

I made this small quilt a few years ago to reflect the mellowing of the season. Torn organza strips of different shades - some plain and some stamped - are woven with other offcuts and a strip of Angelina and yarn.

Captured under the organza are five green-yellow leaves, as if they have dropped from the trees. Stamping the season's name completes the scene.

I like using simple running stitches to secure the layers and add texture. This thread is a very pale green, representing the fading colour of the foliage.

Autumn is my favourite season. I look forward to it every year after the searing heat and ghastly humidity of a Sydney summer. As the temperatures decrease, I find comfort in the gentler days that autumn produces. 

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