01 April 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Here's eight informative links for you to explore this week. Enjoy!

* Advance notice: International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation Conference, 18-20 July, Adelaide SA.

* 2-4 May: Creative Textile Show, Canberra, ACT. Bookings are now open for workshops at the Show. 

This is the centenary year of the death of Harriet Powers, probably one of the most prominent of Southern US nineteenth century quilters.You can read about her story on The Textile Blog.

* Take part in Wrapped in St Marys, TAS.

* Want to visit the Yokohama Quilt Show in Japan in November? Here's a tour with Lynn Hewitt and Deborah Segaert that sounds great.

* 4-6 April: Queanbeyan Quilters Inc Exhibition, Queanbeyan NSW.

*  Pat Sloan's quilt label writing round-up.

* From the International Quilt Study Center & Museum: an animation that demonstrates some of the common and uncommon ways quilt makers have designed Log Cabin quilts. 

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