29 April 2014

Textiles Tuesday

Here you are - EIGHT links for you to explore this week. Enjoy!

* Look at this fabulous Nested Churn Dash block by Jane Davidson from Quit Jane! It measures 24 in. square and Jane has provided free instructions on her blog, ready for you to download now. Thanks to Jane for permission to share her photo.

* Do you like reading quilting-related novels? Here are a few that have been recently published.

* 7 July: Quilt Uncoverings, Sydney NSW. As part of its 20th anniversary seminar, the Quilt Study Group of Australia will present a day of Quilt Uncoverings. 

Four NSW quilters -  Trish Bloomfield, Melinda Smith, Carolyn Sullivan and Brigitte Giblin - will share selected quilts from their collections. Sounds like a great day's inspiration!

* Great news for Mac users - EQ7 for Macs is now available.

* Are you looking for more free quilt patterns? There are plenty for you to download from the P&B Textiles site.  

* 16 May to 1 June: Salvage/Selvedge Exhibition, Fremantle WA.

* Here's a great blog post from Molli Sparkles that has provoked LOTS of response. If you don't like something that a person has made, is it ok to say so or should you just stay quiet? Have your say in the Molli Sparkles comments.

* 2-4 May: don't forget the Creative Textile Show in Canberra! There will be plenty of interesting workshops and exhibitors.


  1. This Nested Churn Dash is a future project for me now!

  2. Great Maureen! I'd love to see how your quilt turns out. :-)


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