31 May 2014

Curious about you

I'm curious about you and your blog reading habits. Can't help myself really; I'm always interested in finding out more about what makes us all tick!

It would be great if you could all humour me and spare a moment to take this quick poll. You should be able to see the results so far after you vote. I'll show the results later, in case you miss seeing them.

Okay, here we go with the first question!

Edited: if you are reading this through a reader such as Feedly or Bloglovin' you probably won't see the poll (I don't know why?). Boo! Please hop over to my blog site to vote.

Maybe we could have a short poll each week or so and find out more about ourselves each time. Are you in?


  1. What a great question. It'll be interesting to see your results.

  2. good way to see how many people follow too. I know I read regularly but rarely comment!


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