18 May 2014

My Australia

It's been a gloomy week here, since the implications of our Federal Government's budget cuts were made public. Some of the changes may not make it through the Senate approval process and I live in hope that they won't. 
The proposed cuts will affect all Australians, some more than others.

What a government chooses to fund or not fund is always the result of the underlying philosophy of the political party in power. I think everyone understands that.

This week crystallised in my mind what I want in my Australia. It is not what this Government wants.

I want to live in a country that values its people, not one that treats them as leeches.

My country will care and support the weak, the sick and the elderly. It won't treat them with disdain and tell them to toughen up.

I want my country to support the common good and to undertand that this is simply the sum of us. The common good nurtures us all and encourages us to work together within our society to make its networks stronger. It is not divisive.

It is important that we all come to grips with our individual views of our country and our places within it. 

What do you want your Australia to be?


  1. Well said, Erica. Much more articulate than I could have managed.

  2. Couldn't agree more - thanks Erica.

  3. I am most concerned that these changes will 'punish' those less fortunate and the young school leaver. Unemployment is related to the lack of jobs, youth unemployment is so high. I know a number of young who do courses at TAFE and are still unable to secure jobs because there are none!

    As a nurse I want us to continue working to prevent illness. Those preventative health measures are systematically being pulled down. How short sighted! Many elderly need regular check ups, blood tests etc to manage their health. The eventual costs for health will rise rapidly if elderly health care is compromised. Adding GP visit changes will be a shocking cruel measure.

    I do not want to see this transfer of value from poor to the wealthy! The tea party politics is not what we need in Australia.

    Sorry about my rant!!

  4. Sorry, 'changes' should read 'charges'


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