29 May 2014

Sewing all over the house

Yes, I have a well-organised and spacious sewing room. I don't spend much time sewing there, though!
I'm fortunate to have this space. My stash is there, as is my sewing machine and cutting table. All my quilting magazines and books are stored there and there is a flannelette design sheet on the end wall.

So why don’t I spend more time creating in that room?

Well, it depends on what I am doing. Dreaming, thinking and sketching can be done any place, any time. I have a notebook in which I jot down ideas for articles and draw wildly inaccurate layout diagrams for future designs.

I like clearing things out of my head onto paper, not into a computer program.

The sewing room is where I cut fabric strips, but cutting around templates usually gets done at the dining table or in front of the television.

I usually do hand sewing and quilting while sitting in my ‘sewing chair’ – a comfortable, high-backed cane chair that is near a window.

I don't sew by machine much but, since my machine is housed in a portable table, I sometimes move it out of my sewing room. It's the perfect companion for watching television.

Being adaptable is my sewing philosophy. I never understood why I should restrict myself to sewing in a single room when there is a complete house full of places to be used!

What about you? Do you sew all over the house?


  1. I used to until we moved house so I could build two studios and my neatnik husband got his wish for the new pale grey carpets to remain free of coloured thread ends that even the best Dyson did not always pick up. That said, I still sneak bindings down to sew on infront of the TV!

  2. I like having my sewing stuff in my studio, or at least being able to put it all back there. That may be because there are two small kids here who make enough mess around the rest of the house without me adding to it. But I do hand sew in front of the TV, dye and paint in the laundry, draw at the kitchen table and write patterns (ug, my least favourite thing to do) at the computer in the lounge. Flexibility!

  3. Whew! Those crafty bits and pieces have a way of finding their way out of their designated places, don't they? Glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everyone.


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