29 June 2014

Another Gwen fix

Hooray! Finally, my copy of Gwen Marston's latest book, Minimal Quiltmaking, is here. 

The book I ordered never arrived and I fretted for weeks, thinking I would have to pay for another copy. The lovely people at Book Depository said no, we'll send you a replacement, and here it is!

When Gwen was in Sydney this time last year, she showed us the quilt that's on the cover (she also revealed that she had just received the contract for the book). Stark in its minimalism, it sums up her philosophy.

These words from Gwen resonate with me.
 As you experiment with the construction tehniques I offer, remember that there are lots of ways to do almost everything, and I encourage you to alter my ideas to suit yourself. One size does nor suit all, and it's up to each of us to find the way we prefer to work. If you have an easier way to do somrthing, be my guest.

You will enjoy your work more and do a betterjob if you are working within your own comfort zone. As I have often said, "None of us is making quilts to add just a little more stress to our lives."

Agreed! Go forth and sew!

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  1. Oh, I love her work. I may have to buy this book (and find that elusive 27 hour day). :)


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