22 June 2014

Celebrate the winter solstice

If we live in a city, it's easy for us to lose contact with the seasons and the natural passing of time. That's why I always like to celebrate the growth and decline in my garden - it's my way of staying in touch with our Earth.

Yesterday was the winter solstice in my part of the world - the shortest day of the year and, obviously, the longest night of the year.
The word solstice is from the Latin - sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). The winter solstice has been thought of as a stillness before the Sun's strength builds and days grow longer.

This small quilt of mine reminds me of winter, although we never experience the sort of cold that results in snowflakes.   

I always find this time of the year good for reflecting on the things I observe around me. I'm just back from a long walk around my neighbourhood and feel soother after seeing the leaves changing colour and smelling the damp earth. 

How did you celebrate the winter solstice?

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