15 June 2014

Do you wash fabric before sewing it: poll results

Last week's poll provided some interesting answers. Here are the results of your votes:

Are you surprised? I guess whether you wash your fabric depends on the type you buy and your intended purpose. I am strongly in the in the 'Always' camp.

Into the washing machine they go before I handle them. I have ALWAYS washed before use, not because I'm fearful of dye running but simply because I don't know where the fabric has been.

I don't know what chemicals have been used in making the cloth; I don't know where it's been stored and I don't know what it has encountered in its travels. After seeing the way some customers touch fabric in shops, I don't want their DNA on it, either!

So there's NO WAY I will allow myself to cut and sew with it until it has a thorough wash in my machine (none of that wussy dipping and rinsing business) and dries outside in the sunshine. Only then I will start fondling it!

Washing small pieces and strips is easier if you pop them in a lingerie bag before putting them in the machine. That way they don't get tangled up with other things. Yes, it does require some trimming of threads and careful pressing to get these small pieces ready to sew but I'd rather do that than sew with unwashed fabric.

Anyway, that's my opinion. What's yours?


  1. After reading your reasons I feel a bit guilty! Washed fabric once.......and once only! I wash when I have finished, I have two helping puppies!! Wash using colour catchers. Sooooo I'm in the NEVER camp!

  2. Don't feel guilty, Quilting Dee! I've just given you my reasons for choosing to wash fabrics. You can see from the poll results that I'm in the minority but that's OK.

    It's a personal choice. I've loved hearing about what other quilters do.


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