28 July 2014

Public libraries are important!

Before you read the rest of my post, please note this disclaimer: I am a librarian who has worked in NSW public libraries for nearly 30 years. 

I love words - reading and writing them. Enticing people to enjoy these same things is the reason I became a librarian. Along the way, I have developed skills (too many to list here) that I use in different ways, including writing for magazines, and editing magazines and books.

Did you know that library funding in NSW was once split 50:50 between the state government and local government? Aah, those were the days.

At present, the NSW state government contributes only seven cents out of every dollar and local councils now have to fund 93% of the cost of providing public libraries. The NSW state government contribution to libraries is the lowest of all states in Australia.*

How can you help change this? I'm glad you asked!

* For more information about how you can influence the NSW state government to pay its share of public library funding, visit the NSW Public Libraries Association website

Remember, 2015 is an election year in NSW so make your local representative know that public libraries are important to you and that you want them properly funded.


  1. I love my library!! I was just there today borrowing books. I didn't know the government only contributed 7cents out of a dollar.

  2. Not many people do, Rachael, that's why we are trying to spread the word. I'm so glad you enjoy your local library. :-)


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