16 July 2014

Little Quilts

I do love a pretty quilt book and Little Quilts: 15 step-by-step projects for adorably small quilts by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger certainly deserves that description. It includes seven patterns by Sarah, seven by Amy and one joint project. They are all perfect for learning new skills and for swapping with friends. The difficulty may be deciding which project to start first!

I worked as one of the copy editors on this book last year and early this year. Books take a long time to create and my copy has just arrived. When you work as an editor with text, diagrams and the actual quilts, it helps to have an undertanding for how all those parts, plus the photographs, will come together as a published book under the eye of an experienced designer and publisher, working with the authors. Otherwise, juggling all those different pieces can overwhelm.

Do I have a favourite quilt from the book? I couldn't possibly say! You might fall in love with one special quilt from the selection, though, or you may fall for them all. Let me know.

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