09 July 2014

Look what I won!

I was fortunate to win these hand-printed fabric squares from The Printed Fabric Bee!

Do you know about this group? Carol R. Eaton, Gerrie Congdon, Jackie Lams, Julie Booth, Lesley Riley, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Lisa Chin, Lynda Heines, Lynn Krawczyk and Susan Purney Mark have combined to print fabric with a different theme each month.

Thank you all for my unique fabrics! I love them all.

The theme for June was 'industrial' and you still have a chance to win these squares. Visit here to see the fabrics and quickly leave a comment because the winner will be announced on 10 July. You might be a winner, too! 


  1. Anonymous12:10 am

    congratulations...I won the first giveaway...orange circles!!
    You have a great selection of pieces there...

  2. So glad they arrived safely! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Enjoy!

  3. Lucky you! They will be fun to play with. I went and left a comment.

  4. So glad them made there way safely to you. Would love to see what you do with your set. I sure enjoyed making my piece. Lynda

  5. Thanks for your comments. I am thrilled with these fabrics and plan to make some of my own to go with them!


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