22 July 2014

Yes, I had too many books

Do you remember this post where I talked about how I was prepared for reading during my break from my day job? 

I confess I was a little, well, over-prepared. I'm back at work tomorrow, so let's see how many of these titles I finished - nine. Not too bad?

Three faves from these piles are:

The Book of You by Claire Kendal

Dancing on Knives by Kate Forsyth

You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz 

I still have ten piled up to read but that's ok - I hate not to have a choice when I start a new novel. Happy, happy.


  1. Thanks for update! I'll look for these are our library!

  2. great...I will also look for these at my library

  3. Hope you enjoy them Robbie and Marsha! I love hearing book recommendations, so let me know if you've read a great story lately, too.


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