20 August 2014

Fabric printing

I have always wanted to add my own handwriting to cloth so, last month, I took the opportunity to create some to use for barter with a friend. I love the idea of bartering - it's such a useful way of exchanging goods and services. Have you tried this way of trading with your friends?

I made half a dozen pieces, some of which were more interesting than others, by patterning the background with stencils or by colouring with Inktense blocks. After creating a couple of Gocco screens with some text I had written, I randomly printed over the background with them. I envisaged that the fabrics would be cut into smaller pieces to incorporate in textile works, so I wasn't concerned that the text didn't line up.

 These are small strips of three that I kept for myself.

 Stencilled background and screen printed with text.

Both the green and blue ones have backgrounds coloured with Inktense blocks, and then screen printed with (different) stems and, finally, text.

It was a lot of fun to see these patterns appear as I added colour and shapes. Have you tried to decorate fabric with your own handwriting? What techniques did you use? 

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