17 August 2014

Hooray for the rain!

My parched garden is sodden today, after twelve hours of wonderful rain.The soil wasn't ready to accept all this goodness; after drying out for the past couple of months, there was a limited amount of water that could be absorbed in such a short period. 

I dashed into the garden to cut these cheery freesias so I could enjoy them in the house. These ones don't have any perfume so they won't assault the nasal senses. Just beautiful colours to bring a spot of colour to this grey day. Lovely!

While I was outside, I also quickly picked a handful of snow peas for this evening's meal. I think a shepherd's pie with sweet potato topping will be perfect for this winter's night, with snow peas to add a crunch. What's your favourite cold-weather food? 

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  1. Freesias are my favourite flowers. They have a quiet elegance, I think.


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