24 August 2014

The day I sacked my keyboard

About five months ago, I bought a new computer. The old one was getting slow and I wanted to upgrade various programs, including the operating system. For months I had dithered about what I would buy and when I would buy it - desktop or laptop, wait for the end-of-financial-year sales or purchase now. 

Really, there are too many options for us these days and I find it makes decision-making more difficult. Instead of celebrating the diversity of choice, we often wallow in our indecision. Maybe that's just me?

I prefer a desktop computer to do proper work. I have a lovely 21-inch screen that allows me to wrangle photos easily, as well as let me read and write whole documents without enlarging the text (and without my reading glasses). So a desktop computer was duly purchased.

I loved it immediately. Windows 8.1 was different, but I had no problems customising it to suit my way of working. New software was loaded and settings tweaked to ensure everything suited me. 

Except the keyboard.

Some of the keys were in different places to those I had known. I kept deleting letters instead of back spacing. The keyboard was smaller so my fingers kept going to the wrong places. You would have thought I couldn't spell because there were so many typos. Yet I persevered - for five long months - because I was sure I just needed to get used to it.

Finally, a few days ago, I'd had enough.

That was the day I sacked my keyboard.

I reconnected my old keyboard and immediately I was more productive. Keys were where my fingers expected them to be and, when I hit them, they produced what I had anticipated.

Sometimes you just have to support your own gut instincts - I knew the new keyboard wasn't working for me yet I still persisted. Finally, when I let it go, writing became comfortable again. All is well in my creative life now since the day I knew the keyboard had to go.


  1. Good on you for persisting but even better is your decision to lift that burden from your shoulders.

  2. PS you're more patient than me!

  3. I don't like to blame my tools, Sue, so I thought I could get used to it. Maybe I persisted too long! :-)

  4. Why do they tinker with keyboards anyway? I just don't get the thinking. OK I can get small machine with built-in keyboards being smaller but on a full size keyboard? Wait let me guess. It makes it look new and trendy and sexy... I'm glad you found a solution.

  5. Ok why did that comment appear multiple times? Never seen that before!

  6. Maybe Blogger thought you REALLY wanted to make a point, Nola! I've deleted all the multiple messages now. :-)


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