06 September 2014

A quick question on Saturday

You probably all have an opinion on this. You might think 'chapter titles - there are chapter titles?' or 'absolutely, they help me anticipate what's coming next' or perhaps you don't care either way.

What's your opinion?


  1. Yes...helps to let me know what might be coming..

  2. It depends on the book. In some books, chapter titles are totally expendable and don't help in any way. I glance at them and read on. In some, they are very important, e.g. where the book hops between two time periods like in a girl in 2000 finding a WW II diary and some of the chapters written as in 1940. In that case I might even sometimes check back to chapter title to make sure where I am in the novel. So it depends if the author is using titles properly to enhance the book or just putting any old thing as 'a chapter needs a title'.

  3. Thanks for your comments! I posted the same question to my Facebook friends and had lots of answers, ranging from 'no' to 'it depends'. Personally, I never read chapter headings in novels but I wanted to hear what other readers thought.

    So thanks again!

  4. Can't say I care...but if a writer puts words other than just Chapter XX I do find I'm looking for words on that subject...just finished reading Lee Grants autobio and she put headings on her chapters...


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