07 October 2014

My dream job

I was trying to pull a piece of fabric from the bottom of a precariously arranged pile of objects on the top shelf of my bookcase. The fabric came out easily but so did my set of coloured pencils. The tin crahsed to the ground and all the colours of the rainbow landed on the carpet.

I am very fond on my coloured pencils and am fortunate to have a set of 72 Derwents. They are the most glorious pencils - they feel so good in my hand - and they cover the page with thick, rich colour.

They are arranged in two layers, like quality chocolates, in a beautiful tin.

The colours in the top layer range from deepest ochre, through the yellow hues to orange and apricot; from gorgeous reds and pinks through the purples and mauves and finally into blues.

After I lift out the top layer, the colours of the earth are revealed. There are twelve greens (twelve - what a treat!) followed by the browns, chocolates arnd clay colours of the ground. Then there are the slates, greys, white and black of stone.

All the pencils have the names of the colours written on them I am drawn to the words as I am to the colours - Rose Madder Lake, Naples Yellow, Spectrum ORange, Imperial Purple, and Sap Green.

What a glorious job it would be to name the colours of the pencils! I think I have found the job of my dreams.

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  1. Ha! I once did a post like this on the wonderful names of the glaze colours I use, and thought that'd be a great job! Derwent are brilliant pencils - hope none of the leads broke when they crashed! xCathy


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