28 October 2014

Yes, I'm sewing - here's proof!

I've been in a sewing slump (I'm sure you've all been there at some stage). Overwhelmed by the tsunami of quilt photos that swamp my social media feed, I've felt uncreative and inadequate.

Then I remembered that most of the quilts I see are created by professionals - the people who earn their living from designing and making quilts. They need to continue their output so they can make money to support themselves and their families. The pressure to create is enormous.

Fortunately, making quilts is a hobby for me. So, if I don't make one for ages, that's okay. Whew!

Now I am ready to sew again. I cut these pieces on the weekend for another tulip block, so I can start hand piecing. Ready to go!

They will be pieced to make little tulips like these ones I made earlier in the year. They look so sweet, arranged in rows but they look much more exciting sewn into this block.

What a fabulous way to show off my Liberty Bloomsbury Gardens fabric! I don't have much of it (and I guess it's difficult to buy now?) so each piece is precious. I probably won't be able to get a third block out of the scraps I have left so I'll need to think how I can set two of these blocks (unless you can tell me where I can buy charm square sets?). Aah, I think my sewing mojo is back!

The block is called Timeless Tulip, made with templates from the Meredithe Clark Signature Collection by Victorian Textiles. I fell in love with it the minute I spied it - can you blame me?


  1. Looks gorgeous Erica!

  2. I sometimes feel this way after visiting an amazing quilting show. Then I go back through my quilt photos to remember how far I've come, and I can see that actually, I'm pretty damn skilled (compared to where I was), then I can enjoy the process again.

    Love your liberties.

  3. There is nothing un-creative or inadequate about your current block, it is stunning to look at. I think sometimes we get into a slump and are too hard on our selves
    Cheers Pauline

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I admit it is great to be back in the swing of piecing again! It's such a pleasure to feel the needle and thread joining fabric to make something new.

  5. You are so right about how masses of other people's outputs can make us feel - so glad you were able to put it in perspective and get back to piecing quilts! A good lesson for many of us. :)


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