13 November 2014

Be kind to yourself

Did you know today is World Kindness Day? I don't know who designates special days but I think that any excuse to share a little kindness is a Good Thing, don't you?

We all know a kind word can provide a happy spot in a day - for the giver and the recipient. But do you ever think to be kind to yourself or is self-care always last on your to-do list?

1. Appreciate what you have

How often do we focus on what is NOT in our lives? All around us we see people who own more stuff, make more money, have more friends and look more beautiful than we do. We compare ourselves to them, without knowing the true stories of their lives. Don't do it.

Instead, look at your own life. What do you have that makes you happy? Is it a beautiful flower, a child's smile, a smoochy kiss from someone special or a comfy bed with freshly-laundered sheets? How fortunate you are! Appreciate what you have.

2.  Listen to your body

Your body will tell you what you need. If you're tired, maybe you need more sleep. If you're restless, perhaps a walk would help you settle. If you're thirsty, a large glass of water may be the answer. If you're anxious, talking to a friend might be just what you need. Learn to trust the signals your body is sending you and act accordingly.

3. Take time out

You don't have to be 'busy' all the time. Each of us has 24 hours in a day and it's up to us how we use those hours. I think it's important to have some time every day when you let your mind free. You could meditate, go for a walk or just sit quietly, thinking. It refreshes your spirit.

4. Move away from toxic people

You know those people who constantly criticise you? The people who deflate your spirits? You don't have to let them have that effect on you. Why not carefully assess how you feel after spending time with members of your family, friends and co-workers. If you feel belittled or diminished, why continue to put yourself through that? It's your life, so it's your choice.

5. Know that you are unique

There isn't anyone else in the world who is as good as being you as you are. We don't need anyone to give us permission to be ourselves. Be proud of your uniqueness and develop a strong sense of self-worth. What a remarkable individual you are!

 Please leave a comment to share your kindness tips. We can all benefit from your ideas!


  1. Thank you....I just needed to be reminded of all that....got caught up in all the other things..

  2. I think we all get caught up with everything in our lives, Jan. I always like to stop and think about what they say in safety talks in planes: connect your own oxygen mask first before helping others. So true!


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