29 November 2014

Blog corralling

Last time I checked, I was following 642 blogs. Yes, you read that correctly - 642! So, you can imagine that I need a way to organise all this information so that I don't run away screaming from it, can't you? That's why I love Feedly.

Not all the blogs I follow post daily. Some don't even post monthly. I suspect some are actually defunct but I will delete them when I do my next regular cull.

It doesn't matter, though. Feedly keeps track of all the new posts so I don't have to. All I have to do is maintain the list of blogs I want to read. Easy!

This is the way the summary looks on my PC screen. If I want to read the actual post, I just click on the picture. Depending on how the blog has been set up, I will see either the full post (without having to visit the actual blog) or a partial post (to see the full post I then go to the actual blog).

This is the way the summary looks on my tablet. If I want to read the full post, I tap on the photo and am taken to the blog.

You can see that this type of display is really an invitation to read, so it's important that a blog post has a meaningful title and a photo - make it look enticing. I don't read every post from every blog, just the ones that tempt me from the Feedly display. I enjoy catching up with blog posts at breakfast time each day.

You can add my blog to your Feedly blog subscriptions by clicking on the icon in the sidebar of my blog or, if you prefer to use Bloglovin', click on that icon instead. 

I have tried Bloglovin' to organise my blog subscriptions as well, but prefer Feedly. Isn't it lovely to have options?


  1. I started following your blog back when Google Reader was still in existence and migrated over to Feedly when Reader was withdrawn, and I agree with your Feedly appreciation. The only lack I've noticed (and maybe it's because I haven't figure out how to do it) is being able to follow Pinterest boards via Feedlyl

  2. Thank you for following my blog Cyranetta - I really appreciate it! I don't use Pinterest but maybe someone else can tell us if Feedly can be used to follow boards there?

  3. I use Bloglovin, I've tried Feedly a couple of times but somehow Bloglovin seemed easier for me to navigate. I know a few people that prefer feedly though so maybe I should give it another go.

  4. I checked the blogs I follow and so far you are the only one on Feedly. I would change if my bloggers did.

  5. Quilts 204 - You can add any blog's RSS feed to Feedly, just by going to your Feedly account and adding it. But if you are happy with Bloglovin, stay with it! We are lucky to have choices about how we get our dose of blogs, aren't we?


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