20 November 2014

Every day is different

Sometimes, it seems as if the endless stream of days blurs into a single continuum. The sun rises, the sun sets. Another lot of routines are carried out and another day is ticked off the calendar. Suddenly, we look up and realise another week, another month, has passed by without us really noticing. Where's the fun in that?

So I like to gaze regularly at this small quilt I made a few years ago because it contains a message that I need to remember when I feel overwhelmed. 

Do you see the message?

I printed the black border fabric with a sponge dipped in gold paint. I was enjoying the gold paint so much that I painted cardboard letters with the same colour and then dipped them in gold glitter while it was still wet. My circles are wonky - not deliberately but it reflects my applique skill level at the time. I'm happy that I have improved a lot since then!

Have you worked out the message yet?

The letters spell 'enjoy every day'. They can often get jumbled in our thoughts, can't they? We know there's a message in our heads but it isn't always clear. This quilt makes me focus on the idea so that's what I try to do, even when one day seems the same as the one before.

Do you have a daily message? 

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