11 November 2014

Succulent appeal

One of the fascinations of gardening is that there is always a new plant to explore. I've been cultivating plants since I was a teenager (and that's a LONG time ago) but, until last month, I've never been interested in succulents.

So what changed? It was probably when I saw a casual grouping of small plants at my local nursery. The varied shapes and colours caught my eye and I thought I'd like to try a few in my garden.

Instead, I have potted a few succulents together in a beautiful, round, glazed pot and admire it every day on my kitchen table. I covered the soil with small quartz chips to add more colour and texture - what's not to like?

I also fancy making this beautiful wreath from Fickle Prickles, planted with small succulents. Gorgeous!


  1. We have discovered succulents too - ideal for our hot dry climate.

  2. I am learning more about them Jennifer. They are so versatile!


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