23 December 2014

Five novels that gripped me

It's holiday time and I thought you may be looking for some novels to while away the hours in the shade? I do enjoy a psychological thriller - here are five that gripped me this year.

The Skeleton Road by Val McDermid
Who would have thought that a skeleton discovered in a disused Victorian building in Edinburgh could be related to the Balkan wars of the 1990s? While investigating this cold case Inspector Karen Pirie, through the author's meticulous research, makes us think hard about what justice really is. Totally enthralling.

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Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty
This story about a woman who makes a single rash choice to have sex with a man she met at the English Houses of Parliament was never going to end well. I truly didn't know what was coming next and I was compelled to keep reading until the last twist was revealed. I was wowed by this book.

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The Book of You by Claire Kendal
This suspenseful tale is centered on a woman's attempt to escape an expert manipulator. The more I read of this story, the more I felt Clarissa's role couldn't (and wouldn't) have a positive outcome. Gripping story that had me looking around when I was out in crowds. Creepy and satisfying.

Read more about The Book of You by Claire Kendal on Goodreads.

Fog of Dead Souls by Jill Kelly  
Trying to escape a violent past, Ellie McKay walks into a bar and, unplanned, accepts a wedding proposal from a man she meets there. Brilliant, suspenseful story about human resilience. Loved it.

Read more about Fog of Dead Souls on Goodreads.

Thursday's Children by Nicci French
This is the fourth novel in a series, so perhaps it's best to start at the beginning with Blue Monday. Once you've caught up, Thursday's Children will grip you with rich, three-dimensional characters and an ever-present sense of menace. Fabulous series.

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Do you have any recommendations for suspenseful thrillers? Share your reviews in a comment! 


  1. Thank you...some holiday reading for me...

  2. 'Tis the season to be reading!

  3. Linwood Barclay has some great novels...No Safe House is his latest and keeps me reading at night! I read some of your other recommendations! Thanks for the new ones!

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Robbie - I will add Linwood Barclay to my list!


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