10 December 2014

Fun and easy textile surface design techniques

People who aren't involved in writing, editing, designing or publishing magazines and books truly do not appreciate how much work goes into preparing these publications for our reading pleasure. How can they?

Well I do. I've seen first-hand all the planning, sample creation, writing, photographing, and organising that Lisa Walton has done to create the first in her Creative Journeys ebook series. I'm so pleased to be part of the blog hop to showcase Lisa's ebook because it's such a handy resource for all of us who like to pattern our own fabric.

I made a couple of textile postcards, using techniques that Lisa covers in her ebook. For my first one, I stencilled the background with a plastic stencil and Derwent Inktense blocks. In Lisa's ebook, she explains how to carve your own stamps but, for my postcard, I chose to use a set of letter stamps I already had. Simple stitching marked the path between 'lost' and 'found'.  

 My other postcard features a screen print of a copyright-free image. Screen printing is so easy and this is one of the techniques Lisa shows in her ebook. I coloured the tree with opaque paints - this made the black lines even more striking.

I think the main reason I find the ebook so handy is that I don't have to scramble around looking on the internet for different techniques - they are all explained in Fun and easy textile surface design techniques. It's 187 pages of useful information and there are also links to Lisa's videos!

You can buy your copy now and read it on your device of choice within minutes. How easy is that? 

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  1. That sounds like a book full of fun textiles adventures just waiting to be had. Your post cards are both lovely.


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