26 December 2014

Welcoming 2015

I prefer to look forwards, not backwards, so you won't find one of those 'the best of 2014' posts here. I always feel they are competitive - like boasting 'my year was better than your year'. Anyway, that's just my take on it - you may feel differently.

I love to see a new year spreading out before me. Although the calendar is an artificial way of designating time (which is, in itself, an artificial construct), it gives us some illusion that we can control and organise our lives.

My diaries are always purchased long before the beginning of a new year. I've had my 2015 diary since August and already I've marked quite a lot of entries (all my Sydney Swans games are there, so I can organise other events around them!).

If you like to organise your days, too, here's a great site for free printable calendars for 2015, like the one I've shown above. You can download pdf, Word or Excel versions - aren't they lovely? Thanks Calendarpedia!

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