26 January 2015

A love note to Australia

I know our country is not perfect. It never can be while it consists of people, all of us different. We all have our origins in other parts of the planet, even if we have to search back up to 70,000 years ago to find the source.

Of course we have some idiots amongst us; those who would try to incite hatred and violence. We don't allow them to define our country, nor do we let them make us fearful. It's inevitable that, as all those different influences rub together, there will be grizzles. Yet, we make it work.

Our current government is trying to undo many of the structures that support our society but it's failing, thankfully. The lack of humanity in this government saddens me but we'll be able to have our say again in due time. Governments come and go. That's the joy of democracy - the jostling of opinions and options.

Our land is harsh - we have searing temperatures, droughts, regular bushfires, floods and wild storms. We often see tragedies caused by these events. Yet, we identify with our land and I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Living in Australia is a privilege. Every day, I am thankful that I was born in this country. It's worth remembering that when times seem tough. We are so fortunate.

I love you Australia, completely and unreservedly. I'm grateful we can celebrate Australia Day together. 

Note: the fabric I've shown here was designed by Ami Hillege and Michelle Steel. The small pieces I have are so precious to me!


  1. Thanks for that....I agree wholeheartedly. Enjoy your Australia Day with your family and friends. Di x


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