25 January 2015

Letting go

Sometimes we need to let go of objects that hold us in the past. Today, I let go of four chairs.

In 2013, I bought new chairs for my dining room table. I have loved the shape of these chairs for many years and they made me happy each time I saw them in the shop or in a photograph. My old chairs were over 25 years old and held memories, some happy and some sad, of my past home. It was time to let them, and the sad memories, go.

Yet even though I had replaced the old chairs, I held onto them, storing them under the stairs. They gathered dust and cluttered my home for all that time but I couldn't seem to move them on.

Today, I did. I put them out on the nature strip for council cleanup day, knowing they wouldn't last that long. Sure enough, within ten minutes they had been taken to new homes.

I stood at my window, watching two people carry away my chairs. As they disappeared from sight, I felt lighter as the emotional burden they had held was removed.

Sometimes, we just need to let go.


  1. Since Christmas I've let go of so many things - some have been old and tattered, but I held on to them because of the memories. As I let each go, I acknowledged the past and the memories, and then binned them. They are just objects, my memories are intact.

  2. Hey Erica - we've been having a massive cleanout since Christmas, letting go of stuff that doesn't get used or that we've been hanging on to just because. You're right - the emotional lightness is amazing! Louisa xx

  3. I hear you Erica! We're getting rid of stuff left and right now that we've gotten past the sentimentality of some things. We even had our old fake Xmas tree until this past year. Part of our inspiration as come from watching a couple "Tiny House" shows on FYI.

  4. I think it's part of realising that we don't need so many physical objects in our lives. Glad to know you feel the same way Kate, Louisa and Erik. Thanks for leaving your comments.


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