10 January 2015

My book of the month: January

This month's choice is really about a series, rather than an individual title. I enjoy reading a series because it's always a treat when a new one is published. I don't have to evaluate whether I want to read it; if I enjoyed previous titles, chances are I will enjoy the new one, too!

Donna Andrews has created a character, Meg Langslow, who is a competent, fuss-free and sensible woman. She lives by her notebook, in which she jots down everything she has to do on a day-to-day basis. I love an organised woman with a notebook!

The downside is that Meg encounters dead bodies at every turn. It's not her fault, of course! If you like cosy mysteries set in a small community, this series is for you.

This is the latest book (number 18) but, as with any series, you will probably want to start at the beginning to enjoy how the character and her surroundings develop. You can see a list of  Meg Langslow series on Goodreads.

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