01 February 2015

Hello February

Holidays are over and most people's everyday routines have started again. February's here!

 The shortest and often hottest month of the year is here. We made it through the oppressive humidity of January - only another two months to go and Sydney's weather becomes liveable again. Are you as affected by the weather as I am? 

February also means the bushfire season is in full swing and everyone needs to be vigilant. The background in my photo is part of a journal quilt I made a few years ago, symbolising  the heat and the flames we often see at this time of year. Stay safe, everyone.

What does February mean to you?

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  1. We are having a very mild summer down here in Melbourne. Like you, i often find it hard to work when it is very hot, but this year it has not been a problem - of course, as you say the two hottest month of the year are upon us!


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