11 February 2015

My book of the month: February

My pick for this month is set in the Australian bush and it's a great read. A combination rural/mystery/romance story, this novel has a strong female character, Jordan, who runs her farm solo, with only the support of friends and the local community.

This novel, first published as Deadly Secrets, has been recently republished as Secrets of Whitewater Creek. Don't be put off by the bog-standard cover of this book, which looks as if it was whacked together from a generic stock photo. Not much design happening there. 

Under its new title, this cover shows it has been  re-branded within the popular genre of Australian rural romance novels. Sadly, still a generic cover.

So ignore the cover and get stuck into the story. It's an engrossing read and I will definitely look for more of Sarah Barrie's novels in future. To read more about Deadly Secrets/Secrets of Whitewater Creek, visit Goodreads.


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