14 February 2015

One small thing

Things have been bugging me lately. Not the things I have been doing but the things I haven't been doing; not the big things in my life but the small things. 

So I instituted a new habit.

Each week, I complete one small thing from my lengthy to-do list. I simply choose one and then go and do it. No over-thinking, no worrying about what else I should be doing instead.

The first time, I cleaned the windows in my bedroom. (I won't tell you how long it has been since I last cleaned them because then you would shun me forever.) I didn't clean all the windows in my house, just the three in my bedroom. Geez, I felt good afterwards (and the glass looked great!). One big smile.

Last week's task was to attach my garden hose to a new hose reel. It took a couple of YouTube videos and a photo of my Dad's hose reel for me to work out how to do it because the hose reel box, unhelpfully, didn't explain it. But I did it and now my hose has a neat home. One big smile.

My list doesn't look any shorter but I am pleased with what I have achieved. Now I have a new motto: one small thing, one big smile. Would you like to try it, too?


  1. You have my full attention with this post! What a good idea, I shall betaking my list laster today! Thank you.

    1. Let me know how it works out for you! :-)

  2. What a great idea! And a catchy slogan. I have a thing where I do 5 minute jobs, in those minutes where you just have five minutes, I might fluff the cushions on my couch, or rarrange a pantry shelf. Even the smallest things feel like acheivements.

    1. I'm all for achievements! After all, the small things soon add up.


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