22 February 2015

The 1718 coverlet quilt-along

Last year, I bought a copy of The 1718 Coverlet: 69 Quilt Blocks from the Oldest Dated British Patchwork Coverlet by Susan Briscoe. Have you seen it? It's a beautiful book, containing the fascinating story of the coverlet**, including a chapter describing how members of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles constructed a replica of the original. If you love antique quilts, you will want to read about this one.

The book doesn't just have stories in it, though.There are full instructions and templates for making each of the blocks in the coverlet! As soon as I saw it, I wanted to make my own version. 

Time passed, and I still hadn't commenced it. I needed a kick to get started. 

That kick came this week, when my friend Sarah set up a quilt-along. You can read all the details on her blog. There's plenty of excitement happening on the 1718 Quiltalong Facebook page, too! Why don't you join us to make your own version of this amazing coverlet? 

I made my first blocks this afternoon. These ones are machine pieced, but my next couple will be hand pieced. And then there's the applique - the most challenging technique for me. Stand by to see how I progress with that!

** The reason it is called a coverlet rather than a quilt, is because it does not have quilting joining the layers. The original coverlet was made on papers, with the papers left inside the patchwork as a stabilising layer.

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