14 March 2015

My book of the month: March

I love reading stories that transport me to places full of magic. Do you know Sarah Addison Allen's novels? They are all about women with special qualities who live in wondrous worlds.

First Frost is her latest novel. It's a sequel to Garden Spells, which totally captivated me. If you could have an apple tree in your garden that throws fruit at people who are wrong for you, wouldn't you want one?

I have savoured all Sarah Addison Allen's novels. If you love gardens and strong female characters, all sprinkled with magical qualities, you may enjoy them, too.

You can read more about Garden Spells here, and First Frost here.


  1. Thank you for sharing this author and books. I am going to buy one today. Love this type of books.

  2. Let me know if you enjoy her stories. Reading is such a personal thing! :-)


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